Bûthrakaur the Green

Bûthrakaur, a greyish-green Cave-troll, long ago proclaimed himself to be "Warlord of the Underdeeps." While he paid tribute and homage to the Balrog, he treated the Bowels of Endor as his own fief. His small but savage Torog war-band haunted the Great Sub-pits, and ruled the maze at the bottom of the Black Chasm. Buthrakur usually wore a black, full-length, Orc-hide coat and a dark-grey steel helm crowned with a small, copper-lined torch-holder. Whenever he entered battle, a blue-green fire rose from his head. His weaponry included a wicked-looking war mattock called "Blood-scraper" and a solid iron and lead javelin known as the "Iron impaler."


  • MERP:Moria (Citadel)
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