Drawn in to the Host of Gundabad — some would say "enslaved" — when the vast ore lodes were discovered beneath the triple peaks, the Burzath (Or."Dark Crafters") tribe supplied the greatest number of tunnelers, miners, and builders to the Orcish capital. Commanded in battle by the Warlord of the Cloven Spire, they were steadier, if less fierce, than the Huvorgha and played a prominent role in sieges and rearguard actions. Their tribal banner was a pick and split rock in black centered on a red field.

The Largest of Gundabads tribal hosts, the Urhoth Burzath was commanded by the Warlord of the Cloven Spire. It consisted of 1500 Common Orcs (120 lurgs forming 12 zhari) and 18 Greater Orc officers. Only one zhari was Warg-mounted. While scimitars were common, there was a higher preference for hammers and other battering weapons than was the case among other tribes, and bows were rarer. Six Greater Orcs not in command of a zhari, served as their leader's personal "Claws." The Urhoth Burzath traditionally comprised the right wing of the Host of Gundabad.In Battle Burzath troops built earthen ramparts, dug trenches, and drove mines under the walls of enemy fortresses.The Mukhardar or masons of Gundabad, were also largely drawn form the Burzath. They were the largest single Nazg-arth, since in a subterranean city their talents were constantly in demand.


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