A Burglar in Middle-earth was a professional Thief who breaks and enters treasuries. More benevolent people also called burglars "experienced treasure-hunters".

Burglars of Renown


The Burglar is a playable Profession in MERP, Rolemaster, and LOTRO. TOR has a calling known as "Treasure Hunter", corresponding more to a "Finder" of MERP or MEAG.


Burglar is belived to be derived from the Medieval Latin term burgator "burglar," from burgare "to break open, commit burglary, which again was derived from from Latin burgus "fortress, castle," a Germanic loan-word akin to borough. So in terms a Burglar means a person who breaks or enters a Burg which was indeed just exactly the task Bilbo Baggins was hired for by the Dwarves.

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