Bungo Baggins


Hobbits (mostly Harfoot)
time period
Born Third Age 2848, died TA 2926

Bungo Baggins (TA 2846–2926) was a Hobbit of the Shire and father of Bilbo Baggins. Like most Bagginses, he was "solid and comfortable" (which is to say boring), as a proper Hobbit is expected to be.

Bungo was born in Hobbiton, but spent much of his adult life in nearby Overhill, where he maintained a small bachelor home. This changed when Bungo married the adventuresome Belladonna Took around TA 2880, and built Bag End to be the family residence. Originally he planned to build a vast delving to rival Great Smials or Brandy Hall, but after the birth of their only son, Bilbo, in 2890, they decided not to have any more children and blocked off many of the unfinished tunnels in Bag End. He laid down several bottles of fine wine that would be enjoyed by his family for years to come.

Bungo was known to his friends and family for coining proverbs, some of which were repeated by his son Bilbo, including "While there's life there's hope," and "Third time pays for all."

Bungo died in TA 2926, presumably from natural causes.


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