The Bucklanders were those Hobbits who inhabited Buckland, on the eastern bank of river brandywine and outside of the shire proper.They were the descendants of families from the marish who, under leadership of Bucca of the Oldbuck clan, had crossed the river and settled the lands around the blackwood hill and the western eaves of the old forest, therefore the Shirefolk nicknamed them "the settlers" or "colonists".

The Bucklanders were known for their strong stoorish heritage and were considered peculiar by most of the shire-hobbits for many could swim, most were fond of boats and fishing and many indeed wore dwarven boots and some males even grew "beards" (in truth seldom more than well tended sideburns or the occasional stoorish whiskers).The folk of the marish however still had very close ties to their kinsmen on the other river band and both branches really thought of themselves as the same folk.

known clans

Brandybucks Brandywine-Bracegirdles Brockhouses Bucklebury-Bagginses Buckwood-Boffins Buckwoods Cladies Clarlies Buckland-Burrowses Buckland-Cottonses Buckland-Tunnellies Eastbank-Maggotses Eastbank-Proudfoots Eastbank-Puddyfoots Goldworthies Gorbucks Hamsons Haywards Haywoods Headstrongs Highknolls Lilyponds Longbottoms Newbucks Oldbucks Quills Quillfoyles Ragworts Reedies Stonebows-Bolgers

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