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Brygath war banner

The Brygath were a collection of tribes in southern Rhûn. Brygath culture was a direct descendant of the Urgath culture and contributed to the later Wainriders.

The Brygath in 1650

.The divergence of traditions occurred during the traumatic fifth century of the Third Age. Disease took root among the herds of the Urgath, causing a desperate shortage of food andwealth among the Urgath tribes. Desperation bred change,and several Urgath tribes bound themselves to an opportunistic and power-hungry male elder of the Sahd tribe.Sahd's follwers rejected the matriarchal and semi-sedentaryways of the Urgath and turned to the large-scale raiding of their neighbors for sustenance. Before the great rebellion of the Brygath was complete, the tribes had journeyed into the west, been soundly defeated by the armies of Gondor, and driven back to their homelands in eastern Gathod.In the mid-Third Age, the Brygath share the plains of Gathod with scattered Asdriags, Odhriags and Urgath. The Brygath are the most warlike of Gathod's tribes, but a lack of organization above the tribal level keeps them from doingany lasting harm to their neighbors. Despite the thorough penetration of the Brygath by the servants of Kerkassk, the Brygath persistently bleed away their own strength through constant feuding. Though Nemol has succeeded in channeling some of this aggression toward the peoples of the west through the migration of the Kharg Huka top Angmar,much of the strength of the Brygath continues to be wasted.Much of the instability of the Brygath can be attributed to their lack of seasonal cycling between pastures. Rather than laying claim to any one collection of pastures, the Brygath move constantly. There is a general refusal among the settled peoples of Gathod to allow the Brygath to trade at market,which leaves them little choice but to steal what goods they cannot make for themselves. For this reason, the Brygath most closely resemble the Sagath of Northern Rhovanion,and have occasionally been referred to as the "southern Sagath".

The Brygath later

The Brygath were one of the tribes that were formed into the Igath by the Kings of Mistrand.


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