A Brown-Elf of Eriador

The Brown-Elves (N."Lindellim") or Eriadorian Silvan-Elves were a strain of the Nandor which had crossed the Misty Mountains but not entered Beleriand, although they were joined by returning Green-Elves in the Second Age who founded the first eriadorian Silvan Realm under Celeborn and Galadriel around the Evendim lands.

They largely resembled their Kinsmen in Rhovanion and Lindon, though, after the destruction of their Kingdom Nenuial, they never again were able to unite or form a realm again.The surviving Brown-Elves either lived in small widely spread communities throughout Eriador or had found refuge in Lindon, Rivendell or Lórien.The only greater community of Nandorin Elves which remained for a period time was Sîrgala.


The Brown-Elves spoke a West-Danian dialect of Nandorin very close to Ossiriandeb.


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