Broomhild Brownlock (T.A. 2879-2902) was a young hobbit who lived in the Shire and would become a member of the Brownlock clan after she married a young hobbit man. She was also the mother of Gilly Brownlock, which made her the grandmother of Ponto, Porto, and Peony Baggins. Considered to be warn-hearted, Broomhild had spent her time looking after Bilbo and often tell him stories. Years later after marrying a fellow member of the Brownlock clan, she died in childbirth, leaving her husband a widower and daughter motherless.


Born in the year 2879 of the Third Age, Broomhild was part of an unknown hobbit clan that lived in Bywater. At some point, Broomhild visited Bag End after she turned eleven, and met with the newborn Bilbo Baggins. Broomhild often did a lot of babysitting in taking care of Bilbo and give him bedtime stories. One story she told him about was when she first met a tall wizard and how he made such excellent fireworks for special party events in the Shire. She was considered to be very kind to him, and Bilbo would sometimes remember how she treated him as a little brother of his. After turning fifteen, Broomhild was among those that were invited to attend Gerontius Took's 104th Birthday Party. She was highly thrilled to see Gandalf again and was very happy to enjoy the magical fireworks that he casted.

While trying to live separately from her family, Broomhild had fallen in love with a hobbit of the Brownlock clan that lived in Eastfarthing. Since she was twenty, Broomhild married his one time love, and the two would invite Gandalf again to cast the fireworks. During the beginning of spring, Broomhild became pregnant and was expecting to give birth to her child in the summer. She was really excited to be a mother, and had continued to visit Bag End and check up on Bilbo, who was already eleven. As summer had approached, Broomhild passed away after giving birth to her only child, Gilly. Her death was mourned by her husband and many Hobbit families who had gathered at her funeral.

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