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Broccach of Cromm Bráighe

Broccach (Hi."Badger-like") was a Lord of the Hillmen who claimed to descend from the last ruling King of Rhudaur, and was a Ruler of Rhudaur after the Dúnadan dynasty had vanished. Broccach had become Targadh-Arm, leader of the other Targadhs, in a revolt. Although quite young, he had proven himself a fierce warrior and a wise leader in the Hillman revolt, commanding tremendous respect. After securing his position as the King, Broccach fell sway to the feminine wiles of a Sauronic agent Korekalwen, a fallen Elf magically disguised as a Northman woman, casual, suspicious, and ruthless, and the Witch-king’s ideal choice for an agent in the Royal Hold of Rhudaur. As Targadh-Arm, Broccach maintained the appearance of a warrior of the old ways. Yet his demeanor was a façade, for Broccach’s dreams were not limited to ruling a free Rhudaur. He longed to be King of lands and peoples far beyond his borders.

He stood over 6’ tall indicating that he had some Dúnadan blood. This supported his claim to be descended from an illegitimate daughter of one of the last rhudaurian Dúnedain Kings, a story which no one disputed in his presence.



He had one principal magical item:

  • Cu-Saggha-Brath the Turtle Helm


Original form in MERP: Broggha

There are contradicting accounts of Broggha's time of rule.Hillmen of the Trollshaws places his rule in the 1670ies while the Arnor module places it in the 1640ies.This has been solved in this Wiki by suggesting two rulers by that name.Broccach I who ruled about 1640 and Broccach II who ruled about 1670 and may have been a descendant (son or grandson) of the former.


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