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Brill (1640 TA)

Central Brill in detail (1640 TA)

Bree overview (3019 TA)

Bree early Fourth Age


In the Second Age Bree-hill had originally been a semi-permanent camp-site and market-place of the tribe known as the Bregion (Br."Hill-Sons") known as "Athref Bregion". With the founding of Númenórean colonies and later the Kingdom of Arnor, Athref Bregion developed into a village and later small town and became finally known as "Tûr-Bre","Brehyll", "Brill" and later "Bree".


Bree in T.A. 1640-1650:

Bree is the largest town in Bree-land, a region of Arthedain that is peaceful, agricultural, and largely autonomous. The town is built around a large hill and is protected by a formidable dike surmounted by a thick hedge. Numerous smials or Hobbit-holes can be found in the flanks of Bree-hill. Both Men and Hobbits live in Bree, making it one of the few locations in Middle-earth where cooperation between folk of different races occurs. Due to it's central location, Bree witnesses many strange folk passing through it's streets, and the town is a perfect place to acquire or sell information.

Places of Note

Bree Lockhouse

Central Bree - detail

Bree in T.A. 3018-3019:

  • Artie Root's House
  • Barber Cecil Oaksey
  • Beggar's Alley
  • Bill Ferny's House
  • The Blacksmithy - run by the Mossy family
  • Bloom's Charm Shoppe - run by Willa Bloom, widow of Ted Bloom
  • Bluet Residence
  • Bree Fireworks Area
  • Bree Ruins - Ruins from the older settlement in times of the old Kingdom of Arthedain, close to the southern hedge-wall. Unknown to most citizens there still are tunnel entrances used by smugglers and some of the more shady locals.
  • Bree Smithy
  • Bree-town Auction Hall
  • Bree-town Hall
  • Bree-town Hunting Lodge
  • Bree-town Jail
  • Bree-land School
  • Callow Market
  • Carpenter's Shop
  • Cat Lady's House
  • Combe Gate
  • Dittany Residence
  • Eastern Gatehouse
  • Goatleaf Residence
  • Grocer Lily Sandheaver
  • Grocer Whelan Appledore
  • Guardhouse - Headquarters of the Town Guard and bureau of it's Captain.
  • Healer Polly Leafcutter
  • The Hillwatch
  • Infiltrators' Headquarters
  • Inn Gate
  • Jasmine's Garden
  • Lalia's Market
  • The Bree Library - kept by Pete Foxhole the librarian
  • Linden Residence
  • The Lockhouse - Bree-land's gaol.
  • The Lowbank's Estate
  • Market Gate
  • Market Square
  • Mess Hall
  • The Oakwright's shop - Old Oakwright deals in tools and equipment
  • The Prancing Pony - an old Inn built on the ruins of an even older inn once known as the King's Rest Inn. Kept by the Butterbur Family.
  • Northern Gatehouse
  • Old Ruins
  • Oldstone Ruins
  • Outfitter Dot Leafbottom
  • Reflecting Pool
  • Sandheaver Smial - A large smial above Bree, home to the Sandheaver Clan, renowned builders.
  • School - a unique building for its time, a replacement for the older structure of Dúnedan make designed for the sheltering and education of children. Gentle and mild was its curriculum, and its students had access to local apprenticeships. Its teacher was also an important local.
  • Scholar's Stair Archives
  • Scholar's Walk
  • Sharkey's Shipping - a storehouse, Men from the South often meet here
  • Sig Mandrake's Shop
  • The Stone Quarter
  • Stonewort Residence
  • The Tannery
  • Three-farrow Crafting Hall
  • Town Seat
  • Town Stables
  • Training Hall
  • Western Gatehouse
  • Westgate
  • Wheathead Grocery - Bob Wheathead deals in clothes and rations
  • Whitethorn's Taxidermy

Inhabitants of Bree

Before TA 1640


About T.A. 1700

Hobbits: Brock of Longholes Hal of the Samdahabias Rose the elder of the Samdahabias Rose the younger of the Samdahabias Tom of the Samdahabias Coldomac Tunneller

Big Folk:

Amthol Bob Applethorn Hal of the Broadleaf Haimo of the Broadleaf Len of the Broadleaf Maisy of the Broadleaf Kubilo of the green wood Harry Greenworth Hobson of the green Hand Meneldir of Fornost Bairahari from the Mossy Duffy of the Nobwood Cora from the Rushy Haima from the Rushy

About T.A. 2940/41

Hobbits: Healer Rushdock

Big Folk: Mat Appledore Toby Birchdown Ted Bloom Barney Butterbur Betsy Butterbur Peter Dreary Bill Ferny Snr

About T.A.3018/19

Hobbits: Ben Appledore Nob Appledore Rowlie Appledore Amaryllis Banks Olivia Banks Willie Banks Hending Broadtunnel Tansy Broadtunnel Shirriff Bunce Myrtle Bunce Nob Burhop Ned Bushdock Mongo Clayhill Osmunda Clayhill Jacob Forge Pete Foxhole Gabbin Nat Goathusk Erling Goodbody Lily Greenthumb Tolman Greenthunb I Tolman Greenthumb II Filibert Hammidge Halson Hammidge Moro Hammidge Nandina Hammidge Oleander Hammidge Polo Hammidge Wilcome Hammidge Boffo Hollohall Marman Hornblower Dora Longburrow Albra Lowbanks Alan Mugwort Daddy Mugwort Gredlan Mugwort Oakwright Chum Pearfoot Seward Proudfoot Tate Puddifoot Dob Sandheaver Lily Sandheaver Arn Sandytoes Flambard Took Mirabella Thorndike Moro Thorndike Hamwich Tunnely Olive Tunnelly Cicely Underbarrow Dulse Underbarrow Holly Underbarrow Odo Underbarrow Clematis Underbluff Erling Underbluff Leland Underhill Bob Wheathead

Big Folk: Aesseryn Amos Appledore Barklos Appledore Daisy Appledore Dawn Appledore Lily Appledore Whelan Appledore Rose Applegate Ned Ashleaf Tad Ashmead Otto Aster Cooper Basilleaf Sally Bean Chas Bitterwilt Linda Bitterwilt Eddy Blackthorn Honora Blackthorn Willa Bloom Eliza Bluet Meg Bluet Peter Bluet Dolph Boxthorn Harley Bramble Rayf Brogan Kate Broomcorn Stefan Broomcorn Elmund Brushwood Barliman Butterbur Gwendolyn Butterbur Beth Buttercup Emma Bywood Percy Bywood Thomas Cleelan James Clover Allan Coal Clayton Cole Fern Coppersmith Tess Cotton Avery Crabapple Dirk Crabgrass Robin Dewberry Rose Dewberry Albert Dreary Fanuira Edhellammen Pearl Eppleworth Tobias Eppleworth Bill Ferny Maud Foxglove Gorum Flinthill Tad Gardener Agos Goatleaf Harry Goatleaf Lugos Goatleaf Ned Goatleaf Bert Goldenleaf Gil Greenbush Agatha Greendale Angeline Greenpasture Jenny Greentoes Nar Groatusk Heather Groundsel Hammy Hassock Githa Hawkweed Willie Hawthorn Joy Hayseed Matt Haywood Roger Hazeltwig Gib Heathstraw Mat Heathertoes Mat Hedgerow Tedder Hedgerow Milt Hoary Rob Hollyleaf Walt Hollytree Sybil Honeystalk Tully Hopwood Jeriah Hazel Kenton Lalia Dot Leafbottom Polly Leafcutter Tad Leafcutter Edwin Leafwood Oswin Leek Will Longverge Rob Magnost Sig Mandrake Sally Marshfell Bonnie Milkweed Wystan Milkweed Edwin Miller Windle Moorneedle Gil Mossgrave Burt Ninetails Flint Oakhewer Andrew Oakhurst Cecil Oaksey Henry Oakeshott Owen Oaks Cecil Oaksey Brigida Oatstone Harry Oatstone Cissy Orangeblossom Winston Peartree Hal Peppergrass Mary Peppergrass Alice Pickthorn Tom Pickthorn Andman Poggin Piper Prescott Wesley Privet Abbott Purslane Bartholomew Purslane Rowan Purslane Ollie Redbrush Tom Redthistle Harlan Reed Hugh Reed Henry Reedpipe May Reedpipe Artie Root Bill Rosewood Master Rushlight Hepatica Scurge Pete Shadetree Jim Skinner Maggie Smallwood Roger Sorrel Janes Stonewort Jon Stonewort Nora Strawley Bruner Stoutthrush Mat Tangleroot Jane Tanglerush Graeme Tenderlarch Bonny Thatcher Tatharina Maynard Thistle Turner Thisleleaf Old Mr. Thistlewool Thomas Thistlewool Bess Thornbush Toby Thorndyke Tom Thornwell Bail Threespot Verity Tyne Stef Underchin Cecil Vine Jon Whetstone Elmo Whitbread Bill Whitethorn Clar Whitethorn Stem Rushlight Stev Whitethorn Dalton Willow Broderic Willowmeade Basil Woodhouse Adelaide Yarrow Michael Yarrow Albert Yarwood

Notable foreigners

About T.A. 1700

Dwarves: Gláin Longstride

Men: Alaric the Riverman Braith the Tinker Kiuramagu the Northman Eowic Galfaroth Helvorn the Ranger Purdin the Merchant Rush the Peddlar

About T.A. 2940/41

Dwarves: Thorin Oakenshield

Other: Squint

About T.A.3018/19

Dwarves: Biarn Bragi Stoutclub Daggeir Finn the Dwarf Frithór Gerthar Haddur Náli of Ered Luin Oggur Osur Stouthammer Rali Tralli Vékell Wordsmith

Hobbits: Flambard Took II

Men: Culver Edric Twisted Garrett Mad Ostley Miradan Monwar Nidgyl Otto Sôriandrand Strider Uchdrud

Other: Doeth Euog

Any time

Elves: Celeblas Silverleaf Gallind Membes Northel Rilwen

Others: Gandalf


  • Appledores
  • Applegates
  • Applethorns
  • Ashmeads
  • Beans
  • Birchdowns
  • Blackthorns
  • Blooms
  • Boxthorns
  • Breebucks
  • Bree-Tooks
  • Broadleafs
  • Bunces
  • Burhops
  • Bushdocks
  • Butterburs
  • Bywoods
  • Cardoons
  • Coals
  • Cleelans
  • Clovers
  • Coles
  • Coppersmiths
  • Cottons
  • Crabapples
  • Crabgrasses
  • Culvers
  • Drearys
  • Fernys
  • Foxgloves
  • Foxholes
  • Gardeners
  • Garretts
  • Goathuskes
  • Goatleafs
  • Goldenleafs
  • Goodbodys
  • Goodroots
  • Greenbushs
  • Greendales
  • Greenpastures
  • Greenthumps
  • Greentoes
  • Greenworts
  • Groundsels
  • Hamidges
  • Hawkweeds
  • Haywoods
  • Hayseeds
  • Hazeltwigs
  • Heatherlys
  • Heathertoes
  • Heathstraws
  • Hedgerows
  • Hollyleafs
  • Hollytrees
  • Hopwoods
  • Hornblowers
  • Kentons
  • Leafbottoms
  • Leafcutters
  • Leafwoods
  • Leeks
  • Longburrows
  • Longverges
  • Lowbanks
  • Mandrakes
  • Marshfells
  • Milkweeds
  • Millers
  • Moorneedles
  • Mossgraves
  • Mugworts
  • Ninetailss
  • Oakwrighths
  • Oakss
  • Oakseys
  • Oakeshotts
  • Oatfields
  • Oakhewers
  • Oakhursts
  • Orangeblossoms
  • Pearfoots
  • Peartrees
  • Pickthorns
  • Pogginses
  • Prescotts
  • Privets
  • Proudfoots
  • Puddifoots
  • Redbrushs
  • Redthistles
  • Reeds
  • Reedpipes
  • Roots
  • Rosewoods
  • Rushlights
  • Sandheavers
  • Sandytoes
  • Shadetrees
  • Skinners
  • Smallwoods
  • Sorrels
  • Stoutthrushes
  • Strawleys
  • Sweetgrasses
  • Tangleroots
  • Tenderlarchs
  • Thatchers
  • Thistles
  • Thisleleafs
  • Thistlewools
  • Thornwells
  • Threespots
  • Tillers
  • Twigginsses
  • Tynes
  • Underchins
  • Underhills
  • Vines
  • Wheatheads
  • Whetstones
  • Willowes
  • Whitbread
  • Whitethorns
  • Woodhouse
  • Woodmans
  • Woodseys
  • Woodsways
  • Yarwoods


  • MERP: Arnor
  • MERP: Bree and the Barrow-downs