The Brîy-Miyeséc

The Hills of the Moon were low hills that stretched eastward from the city of Bôzisha-Dâr. In the hills water was drawn from the ground, Rainfall was very limited but water-bearing layers of earth rested close To the surface.After flowing many miles under the parched earth, water bubbled forth as rivers, notably the Rîyesha River and its longest tributary, the Sathavác (Ap. "Grasshopper"). The smaller river was actually little more than an intermittent stream and derived its name from the fact that it often existed only as a chain of seemingly unconnected pools with patches of grassy land between them.

The Vâtra Vetar, or "Wind of Fire" blew constantly across the land from northeast to southwest, passing straight through the Brîy-Miyeséc. From dawn until dusk, the Wind of Fire carried burning air from the desert plain, toward nightfall as the lands where the winds arose grew dark, the dusts cooled and by sunset the air carried quite a chill.

Across the open lands the chief pastimes were banditry and clan feuds.The Brîy-Miyeséc were dotted with bandit clans and the strongholds they had established, some occupied and some not.In the hills and around the city of Tresti Most folk Were goatherds.

Places of note:

Gúsar's Djebel Kalnârti's Djebel Roppró's Djebel Tresti


Original form in MERP:Brij-Mijesec

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