A Bozorgana Warrior of the Golden Army


Succesor realms of the Balchoth Empire

The Bozorganush were largely the descendants of those Igath tribes of southern Rhûn who had come under the Overlordship of the Balchoth (in contrast to the Khundolar and Jangovar, who were descendants of the Kykuria- and Lotani- Pultai). They encompassed the majority of the Easterling-tribes of Rhûn in the late third Age and were the coalition which largely formed the base of recruitment for the Golden Army. Later they could also claim superiority over their former rivals Rostamush and Narimanush.


The Bozorgana were not a new people but the direct descendants of older Tribes of Rhûn, the Igath and to a lesser degree the Pult (although most direct descendants of the Pult lived in the East-bight and alongside the plains bordering the eastern eaves of Mirkwood) which had been forged into one single force by the Orashaipek, Sauron's main Agent in Rhûn.


The Bozorganush were a society of multiple clans or tribes of sedentary Farmers (in the Riverine Valleys) and semi-nomadic Cattle-Breeders.The Tribes were led by a caste of wealthy herd-barons, the Kazar who represented the heirs of the traditional Charioteer and cataphract-Warriors of the Easterlings of Rhûn.


The Bozorgana wore long tunics, headscarfs, loincloth,sarabara, and Puttees.Valued colours were , purple, red, black or brown and violet


Most Male Freemen fought as Hoplite-Warriors in the Golden Army, though only the more wealthy Freemen could achieve the wealth inevitable to supply themselves with the extremely costly War-gear.As The Golden Army's traditional Armourment consisted at least of a Bronze or Brass Wok-Helmet, Scale armour, Plated Mail or Splintmail with leg and shoulder Guards and either Scimitar, Bardiche or Easterling Polearm (or more rarely Great Axe, Hand Axe, Spear and Mace) and Shield The Heavy Armed wealthy Freemen were always the smallest part of the entire Easterling Army.The lesser Tribesmen -which were the bulk of the populance - served as War-Slaves and Porters or light support-troops.


The Bozorgana were the descendants of the tribes which had revered the Plainsgod or Kerkassk, their name for Sauron.Rituals, which were often bloody, were performed by their War-Priests.


The Bozorgana language was sometimes called Rhûnic by outsiders.It was in fact a late descendant of Igathig with a strong Westron and Rhovanian Element in it as well as loan-words from Khandian and Haradaic.

Bozorgana of Renown

Amdur Baisheuin Gartog Rurzaur

Later Times

After the War of the Ring the Bozorganush-Leaders surrendered themselves to Gondor.Their descendants who were seen as trusted subjects by the Kings of Gondor were considered Grey Easterlings, or "Easterlings of Twilight", in contrast to the more hostile new tribes that invaded from the east at the time.

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