A proud, handsome Dúnadan Knight, Boromir was the eldest son and heir of Denethor II, the last Ruling Steward of Gondor. He lived from T.A. 2978 through T.A. 3019. His mother, Finduilas (who died when he was only ten), was the eldest daughter of Adrahil II of Dol Amroth, and his younger brother was Faramir the Ranger. As Captain of Gondor's armies, he cared little for Court life, instead preferring the heat of battle, and he never married. Boromir was a true warlord, brave and delighting in the skills of war.

A prophetic dream (which he shared with Faramir) drove Boromir to leave his command and journey north to Rivendell during the early days of the War of the Ring. There, he joined Elrond's Council and then the Company, becoming part of the Fellowship of the Ring. When the Fellowship camped at Amon Hen by the Anduin, he fell under the spell of the One Ring and attempted to seize it from Frodo on behalf of the Men of Gondor. Although he repented, his rash act caused the Hobbit to leave the party and journey alone to Mordor. Boromir died of arrow wounds while defending Merry and Pippin during the Orc attack that occurred soon after Frodo's departure. His brother Faramir then became Denethor's heir.


  • broad and muscular
  • dark hair, grey eyes
  • long, golden brown hair (N)
  • c. 6 ft 4 in tall

Boromir's Principal Items

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