With his companions Bifur and Bofur and Thorin Oakenshield, the obese Bombur fell into Bilbo Baggins' life (and across his mat), played his drum, and Hobbit lore was never the same. The clumsy Dwarf nearly drowned on their journey; his rescue cost the party dearly, for they nearly starved, carrying and tending to Bombur instead of foraging for food through Mirkwood.

Before joining the Quest for Erebor, Bombur was a lowly toymaker in the Ered Luin, a member of the Broadbeam clan. After Smaug's death in T.A. 2941, Bombur lived in Erebor, in what one can only surmise must have been roomy quarters, for later in life, six young Dwarves were required to move Bombur from here to there.


Like his brothers Bifur and Bofur, Bombur was a working-class dwarf from a family of coal miners and ironworkers. As descendants of Dúrin's attendants, the brothers served as Thórin's Guard of honour. Bombur was often a bit unadept or clumsy and could be quite grumbly and had the habit of being constantly complaining and unhappy, but he fought like mad when in battle. His name meant the fat one.


  • Small axe
  • Back frame
  • Bellows
  • Dwarven boots
  • Brass belt
  • Brass Medal
  • Bowl
  • Cauldron
  • Cleaver
  • Gloves
  • Green cloak
  • Cooking pot
  • Cup
  • Dipper
  • Dish
  • Drinking Horn
  • Drum
  • Duffel bag
  • Field-bottle
  • Fork
  • Pale green hood
  • Dwarven knife
  • Small knife
  • Mess ware
  • Leather pouch
  • Pan
  • Pen-Knife
  • Pipe
  • Plate
  • Purse
  • Scoop
  • Spoons
  • Teakettle
  • Trivet



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