Bolg son of Azog


Orcish (Northern Orcish; Nalt-Gûjâb); Westron
time period
Third Age about 2940

Bolg (Or."Wild") was the strongest son of Azog and succeeded his father as Orc-lord of the North in T.A. 2799.

A huge and powerful Orc he was as dangerous as his sire, equaling him in cunningness and vileness. Though he was the Ashdurbúk of the Misty Mountains, ruling from the capital of Mount Gundabad, Bolg was known to still pay homage to the "Necromancer" (the Dark Lord Sauron) and was in league with Ogrod, the chieftain of Goblin-Town. His son Bolg had been sent to serve as the lieutenant under the "Necromancer".

Following the death of the Great Goblin, Bolg rallied most of the Orcs and Wargs from the Misty Mountains at Gundabad to avenge his fallen ally and take control of the North. The Battle of the Five Armies between the Orc army and the allied forces of Men, Elves and Dwarves ended with Bolg himself being crushed by the skin-changer Beorn(T.A. 2941), resulting in the destruction of most of the Orcs of the mountains and the weakening of Sauron's hold over them.

Important Date

  • died TA, 2941.




One fanfiction story shows Bolg (or rather Azog) abducting the elven-girl Hinarel, who supposably became the mother of his son Bolg II.

Movie Trilogy

In the Hobbit Movies Bolg is depicted as a Pale Orc, an ancient line or breed of Orcs possibly of demonic origin.The Film trilogy further revived Azog and gave him the leading role in the Battle of five Armies in contrast to the book, where Azog was slain in the Battle of Azanulbizar and the Host of Gundabad was commanded by his son Bolg.The Character called Bolg in the trilogy was reduced to a lesser commander of Dol Guldur. This was retconned for this wiki by establishing Bolg II as Bolg's son.


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