A Boldog and an Adan

The Boldogath (Gol."mighty Soldiers") or Orc-Demons were an ancient and fell form of orc-kind. Not mere flesh and blood soldiers of ancient Angband, but rather lesser, but no less wretched, Umaiar or Demons who took the form of particularly tremendous and horrible Orcs. Various features have been described of them, from bulbous and obese or bulky and brutish bodies to pale skin and large mouths, though all sources agree that their heads were particularly large for Orcs. They may have been identical with Ogres and were akin to the Demon-Trolls.

Demon-Orcs of Renown


A Lugroki

In MERP the Orcish Priest Storlaga and Sauron's creation Bolvag were both described as Orc-Demons or Demon-Orcs. However, in reality, Storlaga was a twisted Noldo-Spirit of the Elder Days and Bolvag was a pure creation of Sauron.

Translated into Rolemaster language, the greater Lugroki are grotesque and twisted demonic-Orcs, far greater in strenth and power than the lesser Murlogi or common Orcs.

Movie trilogy

The Great Pale-Orcs of the Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Movies, like Azog, Bolg and possibly Gothmog, may be Orc-Demons or their lesser descendants.

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