Like his companion Bifur, Bofur was a clarinet-rooting member of Thorin and Company. Bofur was not of Durin's line, but rather a working-class miner of the Broadbeam clan, born and raised in the Ered Luin. Bofur joined the Quest for Erebor in T.A, 2941 in the hopes of escaping poverty.

Bofur was the most easygoing of Thorin's troupe, and struck up an unlikely friendship with Bilbo Baggins. After the death of Smaug, Bofur lived in Erebor, enjoying his share of the Dragon's treasure.


Bofur and his brothers were Dwarves of the Working class, the descendants of Dúrin's attendants and served as Thórin's guard of honour.Bofur was a simple and helpful character, fond of mince pies and and cheese and always in for a good joke.




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