Bodruith was a Lord and Craftsman of the Dwarves of Belegost. Bodruith ruled during the time the Dwarves of Nogrod asked for his aid in the attack against Doriath.According to the tale, filled with greed, he wanted to take the Nauglamir from the Nogrodic dwarves by force but it had already been stolen by the elven smith Ufedhín.When Bodruith challenged Ufedhin over the theft the Elf slew him and managed to blame the theft of the Nauglamir and the failed attempt of assassination of Naugladur on Bodruith and escape himself.


In the Book of Lost Tales Version of the Tale The Nauglafring he was one of the Leaders of the Dwarves next to Naugladur who sacked Menegroth and slew Elu Thingol.Later his character was not mentioned again, but canonically speaking--Belegost stayed out of the conflict with the Sindar.

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