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Bocaern had been attending to the scriptorium of Orthanc for as long as anyone in Isengard could recall. A withered, shuffling old man with nothing but a wisp of white hair crowning his otherwise bald head, he leaned heavily upon a staff and was always whispering to himself.

He was among the oldest servants of the folk of Isengard in the service of Saruman, but since the White Wizard was slow in giving his trust to anyone, he was loath to let him go. But the day approached and for a few years when Bocaern was attending to his duties, he was accompanied by Melmidoc, his young apprentice.

Bocaern was found at all times in the scriptorium, always chasing some long-delayed task that needs his attention. He was greatly annoyed when asked for assistance by anyone other than Saruman, but nonetheless he lent his aid. Only when his master called did he spring forward eagerly.

In spite of his mutterings, Bocaern was not a dotard. He observed all that went on in the scriptorium when Saruman was receiving a visitor or his servants, and weighed every single word uttered in the presence of his master. Once they were gone, Saruman listened attentively to the considerations of Bocaern, as the old man had proved useful in judging the true colours of an individual more than once.


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