Boah Agonar

Boah Agonar
(PQ. "Borajan Akânônâro" Av. "Borini Ikinnir") was an Elven magician who accompanied Naug Zigildûn II, Ayitula Chinta Kari, Droggo Nimblefingers and Tulgas on a venture through the Trollshaws about TA 1640.He lived into the fourth age and translated the collected writings of T'revor Arain.


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Stats: CO 101 SD 100 AG 92 ME 100 RE 99 ST 97 QU 100 PR 100 IN 98 EM 102



Boah Agonar may have been identical with Agonar, a Noldo Sorcerer and councillor of Taurang and lesser member of the court of Ardor.Fellow travellers were conspicious for his strange way of dressing, a possible hint to his southern garb.

Being an agent of the Guild of Elements as well as spying on Sauron's forces and Ardor--the son of Yavakamba and Featur I was instrumental in gaining new adventurers for the Guild. Adventuring to the north and encountering Wonir and Droggo's companions--Agonar called for aid down in the south--Droggo was the first to offer a helping hand as he was from the far south. Wonir, who Agonar met in the north, also sided with Agonar and decided to accompany him as well. Acting as a Sauronic agent (something that both Wonir and Boah had expertise in), Boah Agonar led Droggo and the companions to the Utter South.

Outer Information


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