Bluebears in the Ered Nimrais

Blue bears

(Q. "Luinimatsiler"; S. "Medliluinath" ) were considered monsters by many of Endor's loremasters. Unusual creatures they were found only on the southern slopes of the White Mountains particularly in the Lamedon region of Gondor. Their bluish-gray fur, unswervingly predatory attitude, and innate ability to sense other creatures set them apart from all other bears.

Blue bears were usually solitary, but they would occasionally hunt in family groups. They did not fear others unless there was a larger group involved. Often attacking without apparent provocation. Medliluinath hunted whenever they were hungry and had an opportunity to kill. The frequency of their attacks was also explained by their territorial habits. Blue bears staked out territories that they defended from each other and from other predators of similar size — including Men and Elves.


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