The Blue Pine (S. "Luinthon", Q. "Luinisono") or Mother Pine was the most common of the evergreen trees of Rhudaur and other coniferous forests throughout the Westlands.The bluish needles of this pine harbored very large (up to I' in length) cones, each of which could weigh up to Vt lb and contain up to 6 thumb-sized seeds. Blue pine seeds were used as a food source by the Hillmen of Rhudaur. They were acidic in taste, though this might be cured by slow, careful roasting. The seeds were nutritious (5 made up the equivalent of I meal) and kept very well (for years) once dried. If dried and grounded, their flour made a satisfying soup; if roasted, the nuts of the seeds were added to a little boiling water with salt.

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