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Blogath's Cave, Yfelwood, Rhudaur
Time period
2nd Age - T.A. 1640

During the early centuries of the Second Age, Sauron wore the fair guise of Annatar, the "Lord of Gifts." He courted the ambitions of the Noldo jewel-smiths and hoped to bind them to evil with the Rings of Power. While engaged in this subterfuge, he also sought to gain dominion over the Men in Eriador. Since his scheme to enslave the Elves required continual deceptions, the Dark Lord relied on the Priests and Priestesses of malignant cults to subvert the Edain to his evil purposes. Blogath was neither the greatest nor the least of these minions, but she served her master well. The Shapechanger, with three others as minions, gained influence and adherents to the Black Religion for a score of years, delving a dark mansion in the lands later known as the Trollshaws of Rhudaur. Foul deeds of every kind were perpetrated among her worshippers, and the Shadow spread. When Sauron revealed himself as the evil Lord of the Rings, the Edain revolted against the Priestess-queen's deceits, and noble heroes slew the monster in her own halls — imprisoning her spirit within the very altar upon which she had made human sacrifice to her master. Embroiled in wars against the Eldar, the Dark Lord paid little heed to the death of his Priestess. Yet, he did not forget her fate.


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