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Blind Ox Vale and the Ruins of Blind-Ox Hold

Blind-ox hold surroundings

Blind Ox Hold. This half-ruined old keep was that of a knight devoutly loyal to the Dúnadan Kings. Rúadcara, the first Hillman King, turned his rugged lands into a game preserve. The keep later became the headquarters of Oomaug and his company of wolf-riders, the Breakbacks. Only the officers of the Breakbacks had quarters within the tower and in its underground chambers. Oomaug was nominally in charge of protecting the west bank of the River Hoarwell for King Ermegil—his true duty involved escorting and supplying all of the Angmarean traffic on the Uilad and the South Downs. Three-fourths of his hundred or so riders were out on that duty at any time. Slaves were kept in a camp outside the ruin, so they could not be a threat to those inside.


  • MERP:Arnor