Bladorthin Koldana reigned for a short time as the King of Dorwinion during the turmoils and civil war during the War of the Ring, replacing the ancient office of Realms-Master. Bladorthin Koldana supported alliances with the Men of Dale and other Free Peoples of Middle Earth. Born in T.A. 2950, Bladorthin Koldana took over during the War of the Ring after Hawin's death.


  • Galvorn Tipped Spears - +45 (triple concussion hits, 5x ranges, does additional cold crits, user can also make a second attack each round with the butt of the spear against the same target as a quarter staff).
  • Armor - AT 19, is silent and encumbers as AT:Ch/14.
  • Cloak of Stealth - +30 DB & S/H
  • Boots - +20 moving and adrenal maneuvers, silent, and they add +15 S/H
  • +25 lock picks.

Bladorthin Koldana bore Bladorthin the Great's personal items as they were hereditary to the King of Dorwinion.


Original form in MEPBM: Koldana= Bladorthin Koldana

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