The Black Orcs or Morannon-Orcs were greater Orcs different from the even larger and stronger Uruk-Hai.

A Morannon Orc


Their origin is unknown but they may be identical with the Warrior-Breed or Fighting-Orcs, the Hobgoblins or the larger Orc-Race from Barad-Dûr who fought in the second Age on the Gladden fields.

The Morannon-Orcs could also be identified with the Uruk-lesser-Orc halfbreeds known as "Gusmuras" in MERP.

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The Morannon Orcs appear in the Movie Trilogy, The Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game and The war of the ring, The Battle for Middle-Earth Series where they are called Black Orcs, The Lord of the Rings: Conquest and Tactics and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.Larger Morannon-Orc like breeds also appear in LOTRO.

Morannon-Orcs from the Movie Trilogy

Aarlok Argdush Bolingúl Gartor Gashdrak Gordmúl Grarbag Guritz Murgash Gothmog

Note:In some other sources the above mentioned Orcs are considered to belong to different breeds, some of them lesser Orcs others Uruk-Hai and Orc Trackers.It may be possible that the Morannon-Orcs or black Orcs are not a distinctive breed on their own but rather an elite-troop of selected orc-Warriors.

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