The Black Cartel (BS."Rázab-mur") originated in the early Fourth Age as a Charta of peace and agreement between the surviving families of the Dark diadochi, the heirs and successors of the mannish leaders and Elite of the last Dark Lord's fallen empire. However greed, lust for power, and egomania quickly got the upper hand about what might have been true and fanatical loyalty at the beginning. So the Black Cartel sought closeness to the new potentates, hiding under the facades of trustworthy allies and retainers, always trying to rise to power, politically or economically, and always ready to denounce and betray former federates and even the own faction for the sake of personal benefit. The Black Cartel survived as an informal and fragile faction, usually staying behind the scenes and no Lord, Chief, advisor or mercantilist would ever openly admit to be close or even member of one the Dark Cartels many masquerades and cabbals, whose members often never even knew each others true identities or ambitions.

Supposed Members

Caiode Dulgabêth Lhaereth Ugrukhôr Urudanî Stonemaiden Valecarn

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