Biovunio the Seer

Biovunio (Old Rhov."Love of Bees") the Seer lived as an outcast on the outskirts of Dale in a ramshackle cottage. Some accused her of being mad, for she wandered into the wilderness for long periods of time and had the tendency to prophesy. Her claims that a tremendous Dragon would one day destroy Dale were treated as proof of her insanity.

Dale's oldest seer (67) however was not mad; quite the contrary: she knews a great deal about Erebor and the surrounding region. As a young girl, she and her brother Tunthulubia had explored the cavern complex of the Lonely Mountain, delving deep into its lower reaches. When Tunthulubia was killed going into the mountain alone, Biovunio attributed his demise to a group of demonic "Cave-drakes." Her parents and the townsfolk thought otherwise, believing it to have been a fall. Entries into the cave without permission of the Thegen were banned, and Biovunio's reputation was permanently scarred.

Cast out by the people of Dale, Biovunio took to wandering through Rhovanion. It was on one such a journey that she met the Elf-seer Thorontir (S. "Eagle's Watch"), who took pity upon her. Thorontir trained her in his art, making her his heir and taught her much the ways of fate.


MERP gives the original name in an anglo-saxon form as "Beawyn".


  • MERP:Northern Mirkwood
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