Bil-nirr (Av."Mighty Fire";PQ."Balânâro") cutted a dashing figure: his crimson blouse sported wide cuffs and full sleeves; his apricot doublet was velvet and slashed to display the crimson below it; his yellow tabard featured applique of gold thread set with topazes. Despite his love of flamboyance, Bil-nirr's attention dwellt infrequently on his garb or his appearance. His duties as captain of the guard in Naurlindol challenged his skills most satisfyingly, and it was upon matters military that he obssessed. He was a man of action and had little regard for the niceties of court intigue. As the Knight of Staves, it was difficult for Bil-nirr to avoid the politics of Ardor. He worked to remain aloof, but was always inevitably drawn into the machinations of the Lords of the Court. Bil-nirr stood 6'2" and and weighed 160 pounds. His hair was curling and golden blond, his eyes hazel.


Original form: Valnaur = Bil-nirr

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