A follower of Thorin Oakenshield, Bifur was a clarinet-playing member of the famous Company that challenged the might of Smaug the Golden. Bifur is fondly remembered in Hobbit lore as one of the four Dwarves who tumbled into Bilbo Baggins's smial at Gandalf's feet in T.A. 2941, thus beginning a great adventure.

A member of the Broadbeam tribe, Bifur was born in the Ered Luin.He lived an unsettled life of struggle, serving as a Mercenary, Whaler, Hunter and toy-maker at various points. At some point in his early life he sustained a head injury that left a piece of axe embedded in his skull and damaged his brain so he could only communicate in Khuzdul. He lived in Erebor, the Lonely Mountain, after the slaying of Smaug and the subsequent victory at Battle of Five Armies.


Bifur and his brothers were Dwarves of the Working class, the descendants of Dúrin's attendants and served as Thórin's guard of honour.Bifur was usually a quiet and thoughtful but alert dwarf, he was fond of sweet things (for example raspberry jam and apple tart) and fought like mad when cornered.His name meant Shivering One.




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