Bhalli Silvereye (SA ca.1600) was the son of Dhrâli son of Thrân and grandson of Thrân the first Wanderer, He was named for Bhalli the Rash, but his nickname derived from his legendary sense of finding silver. It was Bhalli IV who discovered the largest three veins of silver in the Mountains of the Wind, all of which were conveniently located in Bhalli's home realm of Rûrîk.


The Spelling of some Names was altered to move away from pseudo-old Norse Names, which represent the Language of northern Rhovanion and would have been unknown to the eastern Dwarves.

Original forms:

  • Balli - Bhalli
  • Dráli - Dhrâli
  • Thráin - Thrân
  • Ruuriik - Rûrîk


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