There were three great lords (Old Rh. Waitanias) among the descendants of the Men of the misty mountains in Southern Rhovanion. Of these, one, Beruvacar (old Rh."Beer-vigour"), was rarely seen except at the times of the Great Dances. While his companions Berubaur and Barnbinevian lived in the Anduin Valley along the western fringe of Mirkwood or in the North near the Carrock Beoracer lived at Sarn Lothduin.He roamed the river valley and forest paths, taking care to visit isolated Beiabarn families. At least one night in seven, he left his abode for the wilds, taking the form of a huge Great Bear.


Original Forms and corrected Spellings:

Beijabar - Beiabarn
Beoraborn - Berubaur
Beoracer - Beruvacar
Bornbeneor - Barnbinevian


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  • MERP:Northern Mirkwood
  • MERP:Southern Mirkwood - Haunt of the Necromancer
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