Margoliante Berúthiel


Originally: Umbar;later: Osgiliath
Time Period
T.A. 654 – 913
None (N) = non-canon

A Black Númenórean by birth, Margoliante Berúthiel (Originally known as Beruthin or later Berethiel) was the daughter of Morbereth of Umbar and Queen of Gondor during the reign of the first Ship-king Tarannon (T.A. 830-913). Vilified to an object of barter in a purely political marriage that should restore peace between Gondor and its sister colony, Beruthiel was bound to a husband she didn't love in a country she despised, a people that hated her and a family which didn't accept her she fell for paranoia, Sorcery and the Cult of Benish Armon. Spiteful and reclusive, she shunned the sea that her husband held so dear, and refused to live in the palace he erected over the river Anduin. Instead, she stayed secluded in undecorated chambers in the otherwise opulent King's House in Osgiliath. Hideous sculptures adorned her bizarre gardens, leading most of the members of the King's Court to believe that she was insane. Tarannon's people despised her, suspecting Beruthiel of heinous nocturnal machinations. Indeed, the Queen spied on her subjects, communicating through her ten intelligent cats (one white and nine black). No one dared bother the creatures, who wandered the streets of the capital as Beruthiel's "eyes" and "ears." King Tarannon abandoned his love for her and eventually seized her evil cats and put them to sea in a drifting ship that was last seen off the coast of Umbar. Beruthiel abhorred beauty and decoration, although she was herself quite gorgeous. She dressed only in black or silver.



In the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game by Games Workshop, Beruthiel is considered a wizard character by the time of War of the Ring. How she survived this long and why she would be alive during WOTR is a mystery. However, if combining MERPs with SBG--Beruthiel wields the Kuilëondo which grants longer lasting life and power, or her descendant could be present during the War of the Ring, either justification could be used to have her placed during the time of WOTR.

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