Bûrat the Tongue was known in Hobbit-lore as "Bert Huggins," for he was one of the Hugath tribe of Stone Trolls that dominated the Trollshaws (S. "Pinnath Tereg") region of Rhudaur.He resided with his brothers Tom and William Huggins in the hills north of the Angle and the Great East Road. There they raided local ruins, robbed travellers, and terrorized the fauna of the surrounding woodlands. Over the course of time the Hugginses accumulated a superb treasure. Their hoard included the magic Elven swords Orcrist and Glamdring (both made in Gondolin), as well as the shortsword that Bilbo Baggins called Sting. In addition, they acquired a small amount of gold, silver, and jewels. In T.A. 2941, Bert and his brothers trapped the Dwarves of Thorin's Company as they passed through the wilds of Rhudaur. Fortunately for the Naugrim, though, the Istar Gandalf fooled the Trolls into quarreling over how to cook the prisoners, and the Huggins brothers were caught by the morning sun. Like his two brothers, Bert turned to stone.


  • Troll-Knife
  • Spear - Hit like a mounted lance
  • Club - delivered double the normal concussion hits.
  • stony boots


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