The Berilas (Old Rh. "Little Bears" or later Éo."Beralas") lived in the heartland of Aivathiuda territory, south and east from the southeastern edge of Mirkwood.Alciswardias lands laid to the north, the Gadrauhts' to the south, while the Anthars lived to their west.They were accounted the best archers among the Aivathiuda and were renowned for indulging in a ritual bear hunt into Mirkwood every third year (Bear claw jewelry was favored among these hearty folk).The most notable of these hunts took place in 1639 and was led by the Thegna Wulfila, a cantankerous old man who suffered from painful gout in his toes.His son Lubogild, a hunter of almost legendary prowess, took the bear-claw, but in the process was engaged by a force of over thirty Orcs.Single-handedly slaying them in a running battle about sixty miles east of Dol Guldur, Lubogild earned the curse of the Necromancer.The Orcs, it seemed, bore important potions which never reached the dark halls of the Evil One.Given to fighting, both among themselves and against their enemies, the Bairalas enjoyed a reputation for bull-headedness.Their tenacity was unmatched among the Horse-lords.Their seven clans typically fielded about 750 mounted fighters who, despite frequent inter-clanish disputes, were unchallenged in their battlefield prowess.


Revised Spellings:

  • Beorills - Berilas
  • Eothraim - Aivathiuda
  • Ailgarthas - Alciswardias
  • Ulfilas - Wulfila
  • Leofigild - Lubogild
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