Beregor was a Prince of Rhudaur and a son of it's last Dúnadan King Elegost.Despite of much support by the Dúnadan nobility of Arthedain, he was never able to seize the crown and various claimants fought for the throne until Broccach, a man of mixed Dúnadan-Hillman descend, who claimed to be a grandson of Elegost seized the throne by support of Angmar.All attempts to place Beregors son Arfanhil or the half-northron War-Queen Vulvrithona on the throne of Rhudaur failed and there never again was a King of Rhudaur who was acknowledged by the other Dúnadan Kingdoms.The Kingdom of Rhudaur was ever after ruled by Kings of the Hillmen until the Kingdom of Rhudaur faded with the fall of Angmar and the last Hillman King Bhaltair.

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