Benish Armon (Sak. "Den of the Cat-king") was an ancient ruin in the Ethir Anduin which became the lair for a band of malevolent Maiar spirits: Tevildo, Prince of Cats, and his nine thanes. After Queen Beruthiel enslaved these spirits to her will, the site was transformed into a place of worship for a cult, While the spirits remained tied to the place by Beruthiel's spell of binding, Tevildo was able to draw upon his divine powers to shield Benish Armon from unwelcome outsiders, creating a magical barrier around the ruin and its environs so that it could not be found by an intruder. The ruins of Benish Armon had originally been a Drûg site, abandoned when the latter were driven out by the westward-migrating Daen peoples. The site was occupied by the Danan Lin until the Downfall of Númenor, when the changing of the world altered the topography of the Anduin mouth, turning it into the marshy delta it had been known as ever since. The site was therefore once more abandoned. The Prince of Cats and his thanes made the site their lair soon after the Downfall, when the newly- formed Ethir was being settled by Sakalai, migrating up the ruined coast of Harondor.


The term "Benish Armon" only appears in early drafts for the Lord of the rings in connection with, or rather later replaced by, the cats of Queen Beruthiel.It has never been explained but been suggested to be a placename, possibly from some indigenous language of either Southern Gondor or Near Harad (possibly Umbar).It's overall sound is very semitic, especially hebrew.

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