The Lands of Bellakar

Bellakar (Bel."Great Sea") was a coastal realm south of Umbar, whose northern border was traditionally the Gondeithel river. The lands were usually divided into northern Bellakar or Mardruak, and southern Bellakar, or Felaya and Bellazen. It was largely inhabited by the descendants of indigenous Haradrim and Númenórean settlers, descendants of the Númenórean colony of Pharazain, which had once existed on these coasts during the Second Age. Other smaller groups of the populance such as the Qarsag or Tedyin descended from Haradrim of the Great Desert or Easterling intruders akin to the Khyans and Sirani.



Bay of Felaya Bellazen Cape of Mardurak Felaya Hau Nysrin Hazaj Tollin Kes Arik Kes Susad Kes Weza Killing Fields Mardruak Northern Bellakar Sakal an-Dalajaf Southern Bellakar Tol Glingal

Places of Note

Auz Azunan Bûr Esmer Dûsalan Kadar-Ûrêzâyan Khibil Ephalak Korlea Monastery of true Faith Narik-Zadan Nîlûlôni Stoneheads


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