Ulfang, an Easterling-Lord of the First Age

or Swarthy Men (S."Dark people") was a term applied by the elves to several clans of Easterlings who entered Beleriand in the First Age.

The two most important clans or groups among these Baradhrim were the Bórians and the Uldorians (or Uldorim), the latter of whom became also known as the Ulbandim (or Wolf-folk).

After the drowning of Beleriand, the surviving Baradhrim settled in the north of Eriador or fled to the lands surrounding the Rhunaer, making themselves overlords of formerly independent kinsmen.


The Baradhrim were small and stout, with swarthy or yellowish skin and dark hair.


The Baradhrim had ancient ties to the eastern Khazâd tribes, learning their smithcraft and influenced by their language. Later, the House of Uldor befriended the Orcs of Morgoth and adopted some of their customs such as breeding dogs of war, slavery and manhunting. They lived mostly in large wooden halls, sometimes collectivated to larger wooden settlements. They had once revered the Voice (Eru) but later fell to serve the Great Man (Morgoth). Although most of them had rebelled against the Dark Worship, the House of Uldor later fell back into their old ways.


  • The Baradhrim were survivors of those men who rose against the Dark Worship in Hildorien, as were the Edain of the Three Houses. However, they were closely related to the later Easterlings, especially the Talataerim and the eastern Fale.
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