Beleg the Archer was a Sinda warrior and woodsman, and chief of the marchwardens of Doriath. He was, perhaps, the finest Elvish archer to ever draw a bow. His deeds befitted this legend. He fought alongside the Edain in their early struggles against Morgoth's Orcs, and later he helped the Western Army in the futile struggle at the Fifth Battle against the Black Enemy, the Battle of Unnumbered Tears. When the Demon-wolf Carcharoth ravaged Doriath, he aided his lord Elwe and stood beside the dying Beren. Beleg was a fast friend of the Adan bandit Turin Turambar, who shared Beleg's love for adventure. Together, they campaigned along the northern frontier, clearing much of the region of marauding Orcs. However, when Turin was captured by Orcs, Beleg met his end. The mighty bowman sought to rescue his Mannish friend, but Turin—mistaking his ally for an Orc hiding in the darkness—cut down Beleg with the Elven warrior's own weapon, the great sword Anglachel.


-black hair
-of great stature and girth
Strong, enduring, farsighted in mind and eye.
short black beard (goatee)


  • Anglachel
  • Belthronding
  • flask of leather full filled with wine from dor-winion
  • large White Cloak and Hood


  • Cúthalion (S."Strongbow")
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