Malln the Cold (Av."Golden One" or L."Crusher"), known as Bavór (Del."Grumbler") in the Westlands, was the father of the Stonefoots, Father to Vár. It was prophecised that Malln would return seven times from his Tomb to take up the leadership of his tribe again.

  • Malln I the Cold - Malln the Cold was the Father of the Seventh and Last House of Naugrim. He led his people northward in the late First Age.
  • Malln II North-King - He helped to make the Dwarf-stronghold at Ruuriik a viable settlement.
  • Malln III - Malin III was the last Dwarf-lord to preside over Northern Ruuriik He was burned to death while fighting the Firespirit Múar before the Door of Radimbragaz (his home) in S.A. 1157.
  • Malln IV - lived about SA 1500 and received a Ring of Power.
  • Malln V - lived around SA 2000, led his people deeper into seclusion as they were mining for the riches of the earth.
  • Malln VI -
  • Malln VII - Awoke later in the Fourth Age.


Original form: Malin.

Malin also is a norse name, but as a female name and the norse version of the greek name Magdala it is rather not suitable for a dwarf-King.

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