The Keepers of the true flame were a sîranian offshoot of the Servants of the Real Fire who operated throughout southern Middle-Earth, the Keepers believed that Malkôra Had been betrayed by Alûva and tricked into exile. They also held that only through the Control of the Essence and the maintenance of the True Flame could he be set free. Each of the Temples of the Keepers had an altar where a magical flame was always lit. The Baudarain (Ta. “Keepers”) searched the land for magic and magical items to help them in their Control of essence. Like the Servants of the Real Fire, the Keepers’ adherents and aspirants displayed their allegiance by wearing a bronze broach in the shape of a flame. Unlike the Servants, the Keepers’ symbol consisted of a single flame. They also carried a flame-shaped dagger. The leaders of the cult, the prophet and senior keepers, possessed a red flame tattooed on their right cheek. All members of the order donned robes of dark grey when officiating in the orders’ rites. They wore white robes with a wide black sash in public. Temples of the Baudarain could be found in all of the cities of Sîrayn save Tûl Harar. One small shrine, located outside the seaport’s walls, served as the Keepers’ only base on the Mard Isauba. The Keepers openly proselytized in the other six cities. They preached of the holiness of the Flame and the evils of the sun, teaching that the evil Alûva created the sun to keep the True Flame of Malkôra from lighting Endor. When Malkôra returned, Alûva and the sun would be thrown down and the True Flame would reign.

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