Battle of Pelennor Fields
T.A. 3019
Good Factions
Evil Factions
Good Characters
Evil Characters
Good Number
700 Swan Knights of Dol Amroth, 6,000 Rohirrim Riders, 200 men of Lossarnach, 300 men of Ringló Vale, 500 men of Blackroot vale, 500 men of Anfalas, 150 men of Lamedon, 300 men of Ethir Anduin, 300 men of Pinnath Gelin, 3000 men of Anórien
Evil Number
45.000 Orcs of Mordor, Haradrim, Easterlings and Variags

With the Rohirrim arrival in The Siege of Gondor, The Dark Armies had to face the Rohirrim in Pelennor Fields.

When the Rohirrim plowed through the orcs, the Haradrim rode upon horses and Mumakil in response. They were lead by a Serpent Lord on horseback, probably Suladân. Not one to be daunted, Theoden lead his men to the Haradrim army and beheaded the Serpent Lord. In response to this, the Witch King killed Theoden, but was killed too, by Eowyn who impaled the Nazgul's face, even with the Witch King's defeat, The Orc Armies and the Evil Men were still way stronger, Grimbold perished during the battle, The Orc and Uruk survivors fled to the port, and the Haradrim and Easterlings fought with the Rohirrim, until the Grey Company arrived by ship and unexpectedly flanked them with an army long dead.

Gothmog summoned the reserve troops from Osgiliath to overwhelm the armies fighting for Gondor, but he was killed shortly after giving the order. In his absence as well as that of the Witch-King and Suladan, Guritz and Amdur largely took control of the armies of Mordor, and thanks to Amdur's leadership and his Easterlings in particular, there was for a short time, a risk of the Men of the West loosing the batting, but Guritz and Amdur were killed, most of the Orcs, Haradrim, and Easterlings wiped out, and of the evil commanders, only Yursal Skakali survived, who retreated when his son was killed and thus he probably realized that remaining any longer at the battle would be going too far, a practical suicide mission for his other son and his troops. After all, they were being slaughtered by an army long dead.

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