The Battle of Palisor was the peak of the terrifying wars in the First Age´s eastern Middle-Earth. The Battle was largely the work of Morgoth´s manipulative agent Fankil who led the forces of Men who served the First Temple, Orcs and jealous Dwarves against Men who had rebelled against the Temple, Avari-Elves and faithful Dwarves. In the end no party could claim to have won the battle, but a large host of rebellious and repenting men, the Lintanoi fled to the Westlands as well as many desperate Avari but also the treacherous Dwarves who had been exiled by their kindreds after the battle (and became the Noegyth Nibin or Petty Dwarves). Other Men, the Asrabi, stayed in the east or crossed the Orocarni while the surviving Orcs fled to the wild woods and Mountains.
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