Battle of Helm's Deep


March T.A. 3019
Good Factions
Rohan & Huorns
Evil Factions
Isengard & Dunland
Good Characters
Evil Characters
Good Numbers
3,000 Rohirrim
Evil Numbers
10,000 Orcs of the White Hand and Dunlendings
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The Army of the White Hand launched an massive assault on the fortress of Helm's Deep. All of the Rohir children and women present were sheltered in the keeps of the fortress, and contrary to popular belief, no youths were pressed into service in the army.

The White Hand's Army was commanded by Móg and Thrugg.After an elderly soldier shot an Uruk named Daskila in the neck, Móg ordered the army to attack the fortress.It began in the depping wall, great siege ladders rose at the wall, bringing dozens of orcs with them, The archers were able to slay more than 200 Orcs and Uruks with their Bows but after the wall is besieged by the orcs, they had to drop the bows and unsheathe their longswords.

Morflak ordered the sappers to destroy the wall, two bombs were placed at the wall and a Uruk Berserker with an torch destroyed the wall. After that, hundreds of orcs entered the wall. Aragorn, angered because of Haldir's death, impaled Thrugg's neck and pushed his dead body in the pikes of the Uruk Hai army.

The Wall was overrun, the defenders were forced to retreat to the keep. the gate was impaled by the ram and a large hole opened. Vrasku shot 3 Rohan Soldiers but was shot by 2 other arrows and he fell dead in the gate's hole. The women and children fled deeper into the castle and worked to seal off entrances.

Dunlendings led by Dúach and Thrydan Wolfbane soon began attacking the castle. Theoden managed to behead Thrydan and Dúach fell off the keep, but did not died. Soon, Rohan Army was defeated, the last soldiers hidded themselves in the caves, but Theoden decided to fight one last time and he, Aragorn and the surviving soldiers killed many Uruks in the keep. Morflak was beheaded by Aragorn but the Orcs were still far numerous than the men.

Gandalf and Eomer arrived with 2,000 rohirrim riders, that was terrible to the orcs, they were slain. Only 4,000 thousand orcs escaped the battle but were chased by Rohan.

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