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Battle of Bree

Good Factions
Evil Factions
Good Commanders
Evil Commanders
Good Number
unknown number of Men and Hobbits of Bree (est. 500-2000)
Evil Number
unknown number of Southerners, half-orcs and breeland outlaws (est. Ca. 150)
(N) = non-canon
† = killed in action

The Battle of Bree was a battle that took place during the War of the Ring. It was an invasion of the small village of Bree by Sharkey's Company of Half-orcs and Southerners, prompted by the latter’s migration from the south before and after the fall of Sauron. After the Outsiders, in league with Breelandish outlaws threatened and raided the breeish farmsteads and villages the local villagers, under their Mayor Graeme Tenderlarch, organized a militia of the men and the strong and children, women, elders, and weak folk were evacuated covertly and brough into Bree, which then was prepared for defense and a siege.During the siege defectors led by Bill Ferny the younger and Harry Goatleaf opened the towns gates at night and the enemies entered the town,leading to a hard battle between Breemen and invaders.In the end the intruders were repelled and the gates closed after which the outlaws withdrew to the nearby forests.However five defenders, three men and two hobbits had been killed during the battle: Mat Heathertoes, Rowlie Appledore, Tom Pickthorn, Willie Banks and one of the Underhills from Staddle.