Bats (Q."Qildarer" S."Cwildred") are terrestrial and light-boned winged mammals naturally capable of flight.Most common in Middle-Earth were the various species of common small Bats but also larger species of Great Bats existed.Usually bats live of fruit, nectar, pollen, insects small mammals, and fish but some also drained blood ( usually small quantities of the blood of animals).Several poisons such as Batstrike or Thaurwain and Ondokamba were made of Bats or their guano.Known Specied of bats included:

Lesser Bats:

  • Barrow-bats
  • Birdmice
  • Black Forest Bats
  • Cave-Bats
  • Dark Bats
  • Erebor Bats
  • Fire Bats
  • Flitting Bats
  • Forest Bat
  • Grey Bats
  • Jegga Bats
  • Mordor-Bats
  • Moria Bats
  • Mountain Bats
  • Ondokamba Bats
  • Pond Bats
  • Rark Bats
  • Ruins-Bats
  • Shrill-Bats
  • Tree bats
  • Vault shrikes

large bats:

Great Bats:

  • Bats of Fúi
  • giant cave bats
  • giant Vampire bats
  • Great brown bats
  • Morgûl-Bats
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