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the southern Tyrn Gorthad

The Barrow-downs (S."Tyrn Gorthad"; originally: "Tyrn Hódhath" , Er."Oras Tûrdon") were a Cardolani province and principality named after a series of chalk and limestone ridges in northern Cardolan situated between the Taur Iaur and Bree-land.These Royal burial mounds, dating back to the First Age, rested atop many of the hills, and the Kings of Arnor and Cardolan also chose the site as their last resting place. Due to the Dúnadan preoccupation with death, many of the barrows were quite elaborate and filled with traps. Since the Great Plague, rumors about terrifying undead living in the Tyrn Gorthad had begun to circulate. The Bree-landers refused to travel upon the hills alone or at night and claimed several townsfolk had disappeared there through the years.

Spots on the Barrow-Downs

  • Standing Stones
    • Dead man's perch
    • the dead spire
    • Hollow Circle
    • large stone pillar covering a hollow - This menhir covers a hollow descending into the darkness of the Underdeeps
    • Stone Circles - one of the Circles contains a Spirit whose Voice will make Prophecies in exchange for Offerings
    • Stone Ring
  • Second Age Burials:
    • Northern Barrow-downs
      • The northern Barrows
      • Haudh Methernil
      • Hautharn
    • Southern Barrow-downs
      • Goetharn
      • The Great Barrow
      • Gwantharn
      • Haudh Iarchith
      • Secret Crypt
      • Tomb of Maenadar
  • Unknown Burials
    • The Ancient Barrow
    • Hill of the Elf Prince
    • Caved-in Grave - contains the skeleton of a tomb robber
    • The Eastern Barrow
    • Sealed barrows
    • The twin barrows
  • Other Places:
    • the Lakes
    • nothern barrow's pass
    • old barrow's road
    • Ost Gorthad
      • Old Monastery Ruins - Ruins of the former Settlement and Monastery of Tyrn Hodhad

Places of Note


Ainur: Mother Withywindle Tom Bombadil

Dwarves: Borri Falin Nuri

Men: Andraste Athelwyn Gardeleg Mad Ostley Malin Wheatley MoringolOldenad Pelendur

Orcs: Grimbosh

Undead: Corintur Faegfaer Fergandir Sambrog Umnen Wight-king Lord of the Nazgûl

Other: Blackclaw Brishzel Gwigon Marrow


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