Bard of Esgaroth was a quiet, grim Northman Warrior from Esgaroth on the Long Lake of the Celduin Valley in northern Rhovanion.Bard was a grand descendant of Girion I, a Lord who had failed to slay the dragon Smaug during the terrible sacking. Years later, Smaug had awoken and believed that the people of Esgaroth were responsible for helping the a company of dwarves and attacked the port- home in T.A. 2941. Bard rallied the townsmen and slew the Fire-drake with a well-placed bowshot. He later led the Northmen of the Long Lake area in the Battle of Five Armies outside the Lonely Mountain. After the victory, he used his portion of the Dragon's hoard to rebuild the ruined town of Dale, the home of his ancestor Girion. Thus, Bard became the First King of the Second Line.


  • Bard's Longbow
  • The Black Arrow
  • Makeshift Weapons
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