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Barazimabûl in the Tûr Betark

(Dwarven) Mining colony/City

Barazimabûl (Kh. "Red-?") was the mansion first in prestige and greatest Dwarven settlement in the Far South of Middle-earth.

Originally Barazimabûl had only been a Blacklock mining colony founded three centuries earlier than Mablâd-dûm (probably ca. S.A. 800). After the king's slaying in Mablâd-dûm, the main host of the Mablâd wandered south to settle down in Barazimabûl, forming from it a thriving city.

Later, part of the remaining Dwarves of Mablâd-dûm left the city for the east, and they founded holds at Evefalin and Nárad-dûm.

The former was later taken by the forces of Darkness, and so three principal Dwarven holds in the Tûr Betark (Yellow Mountains) remained by the middle of the Third Age. Most Dwarves however lived in the city of Barazimabûl, and it was here that the High King of the Blacklocks resided.


Original form: Baruzimabul → Barazimabûl


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